I am a Software Engineer who enjoys cooking, video games, cartoons, and coding. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and I am currently writing software full-time.

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I have been writing code for about 10 years now, and using computers for even longer. My first programming language was Java, where I basically just copied and pasted code I found in tutorials; once I actually took a class in Java and understood how objects and classes worked, and how variables and methods interacted, I was able to take on more interesting projects.

I am currently developing games using Haxe for The Funkin’ Crew Inc..

Major Contributions and Projects

Professional Projects

Published Open Source Libraries

  • Polymod (Active Maintainer) - Atomic modding framework for Haxe, to allow applications to support user-generated content.
    • MAJOR: Fully abstracted file system to allow custom file systems.
    • Fully reworked scripting system to add scripted class functionality.
    • Drastically rewrote and improved documentation.
    • Fixed critical and minor bugs.
  • object_hash_rb - Generate cryptographic hashes from objects and values in Ruby. Built for compatibility with object-hash for JavaScript.

Personal Projects

Contributions to Open Source Software