Enigma Engine for Friday Night Funkin'

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Written on September 28, 2021
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Enigma Engine was a fork of the publicly available source code for Friday Night Funkin’ (written in the HaxeFlixel game engine).

Enigma Engine was designed to improve robustness, maintainability, and performance, while adding new features to assist mod developers. Enigma Engine’s features included robust atomic mod loading via the Polymod library, an interpreted scripting system using a Haxe-like language, an improved input system, data-driven characters and stages, and more.

This was my first project in the Haxe programming language.

Enigma Engine was officially retired in January of 2022, after I was officially recruited by The Funkin’ Crew to assist with development. All of Enigma Engine’s key features were refactored, improved, and incorporated into the base game.

You can read more about Enigma Engine’s development and feature set here.